Things that happened this weekend

September 13th, 2009

Some things that happened this weekend:

a) I sharpened my knifes for the first time myself. And it worked! Tomatoes, beware. I used a grindstone. A good hint was to paint the edge of the blade with an Edding, so you can see what’s happening, whether the paint gets removed – you can adjust your angle. If you got no idea what I am talking about, here’s a pretty detailed (German) explanation.

b) I played mini golf. Didn’t do that in ages. I played with myself, and won. Balls beware.

c) I revitalized my old electric Fender guitar and my big Marshall amp. Tried to play some atonal slide guitar. Neighbours beware.

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One Response to “Things that happened this weekend”

  1. phoet on September 14, 2009 19:13

    Der Tip mit dem Edding ist guuuuhhht!

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