Adventskalender II

November 30th, 2009

This year, I bought a special advent calendar for my girl friend: I stumbled over this playmobil calendar, in which you will receive a cute playmobil animal every day – all kinds of animals living in the woods. It contains raccoons, and that was enough to settle the decision (also it sadly doesn’t contain squirrels). “Today I got a baby raccoon!” – christmas time won’t get more cute. Nevertheless, I was still a little doubtful if she would appreciate it, since our days of playmobil are long gone.

Then, an amazing thing happened when I handed her the calendar yesterday: She started to laugh, and in exchange, she gave me the advent calendar that she had chosen and bought for me. It happened to be exactly the same!

So, now we both will be visited by a cute wood animal everyday – and if there is one thing that’s more cute than a baby raccoon, it is two baby raccoons.


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