A lot of great 2010 birthday presents

June 1st, 2010

Had some nice birthday parties and concerts this weekend. Yeah. And received some awfully nice presents from my girlfriend, family and friends. Thanks.

A dental floss piranha

A miniature golf book
(ISBN 3869410183)

A book with extremely cute paper cut outs
(ISBN 1600616968)

A shirt to start my surfing career

An iron-on squirrel

A beaver that can’t wait to peel your oranges

A book with pictures by photographers from the agency Magnum
(ISBN 3829604319)

A beautiful book about 20ties’ jazz musicians
(Same as ISBN 3836925818, but Büchergilde edition)

Great Slam-Poetry by Frank Klötgen
(ISBN 3938424192, incl. CD)


Thanks to you all!

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